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    What’s the notices for used the sheep hair clipper(2)?

    Time: 2016-12-21

    1)make the sharpen hair clipper blade lubricate Don’t used the electric sheep clipper dry,take apart the new and use directly to shave for sheep.If cut hair with the dry machine ,It 's hard to cut more,When cut hair for 3 or 4 sheep,this wrong way not only inefficient,But also damage the electric hair trimmers and decrease the using time.

    However,How can we solve ?

    2)The professionalelectric hair trimmers manufacturer advise,Before we used the trimmer,Make the hair clipper blade immersed into water frequently,On one hand ,It can make the hair clipper blade lubricate.On the other hand ,Make soft of the oil and sweat for the sheep hair.Before used, the use of lubricating oil in the oil hole, suggested that farmers to purchase large packages of lubricating oil. When you buy the china electric hair trimmers,What factors you should


    The first step,Make sure that your electric hair trimmers not easy heated .

    1)First of all,Make sure the number of  sheep and How much work per hour so that can discuss with the professional which to buy is more appropriate.In addition,At least buy more than 3 sharpen hair clipper blade so as to convenient change ,When the blade becomes blunt ,after long time working .

    If the lubricating oil is not proper,The oil is likely to pollute wool or lubricate enough .Because the blade is sharpen and high temperature,The lubricating oil also plays role in cold.What’s more,The Specific blades can be cooled with soapy water, but need to consult the manufacturer in advance.

    china electric sheep clipper.jpg

    2)Besides,make up hair cutting site so as to ensure that there has electric power,The temporary place need to make sure the electric wire in right place .

    3)Read the instructions of the electric sheep clipper in detail.

    4)When in the process of making used of the trimmer,Remind to add the lubricating oil in time .

    5)When used with the electric sheep clipper,in the process of shaving,along to the sheep clippers, but can not use the scissors pressure sheepskin, otherwise it's easy to cut the sheep.

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