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    What’s the notices for used the sheep hair clipper(1)?

    Time: 2016-12-19

    If used with the electric sheep clipper can make realize of close shearing for sheep,with the character of the low stubble,more quantities,Compared with the manual.What’s more ,It gives you the sense of beauty and make high efficient.

    electric sheep clipper.jpg

    However ,what you should pay more attentions ,When you used with the china electric sheep clipper?

    There’s also some unavoidable problems emerges .It has great impact on the nursing care of sheep and the long time used of the electric sheep clipper greatly.The china sheep clipper manufacturer has expensived for many years ,Making conclusions as fellows:

    1)Use carefully 

    Due to the electric sheep clipper is machinery,need some skilled of shaving ,If you are the new hand ,You’d better choice the hair clipper blade is straight tooth cutter.When you excised more times,You can change for the wide tooth blade.If some special position,The electric sheep clipper can’t easily cut ,You can make use of the manual.

    2)Blade heated

    The china electric sheep clipper is the friction pair motion activity so that can make heat by nature.You can make it  be cool and  lubrication with soap water.

    3)Portable electric sheep clipper  holding handle heated

    Because the inner complex of the machinery instruction ,Result in the friction generates heat,Need add lubricating oil frequently.Turn off the switch ,When in the process of the cutting sheep hair .Especially,Don’t loading by air .If the blade is out of sharp, polishing in time in case increase the burden on motor.

    To be continued..