How to use the electric hair clipper(1)?

    Time: 2016-12-27

    As we know, When the man have hair cut ,They always used with scissors directly,Which is different from woman cut with the rechargeable hair trimmer.

    The rolling shear is always hand cut ,used with the manual hair clipper,Consists of the two processes,Respectively are make the hair tied up and then hair cut .By the rolling knife, scissors, haircut rolling operation, determine the length of hair, hairstyle outline, tonality, which is in accordance with the requirements of the hair.

    electric hair trimmer.jpg

    electric hair trimmer.jpg

    What’s the role of the rolling shear with the scissors?

    First of all,The rolling shear plays important role in determine the kind of the short type hair of the straight hair ,plays the fundamental role of the long straight hair and the curly hair styles. In addition,The operation of rolling shear is generally rolling out a preliminary outline of hairstyle with the bar knife,Then decorate with the scissors,made the outline of hairstyle more perfect,also can complete all the operation with the scissors.

    Do you know the another shear tool for man ?

    The another shear tool,the manual hair trimmer ,more convenient for the man hair cut.

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