How to take apart the electric hair trimmers?

    Time: 2016-12-23

    1)First of all,Please pay attention to cut off the electric supply before so as to prevent from making yourself hurt ,In the process of taking apart the sharpen hair clipper blade ,Turn on the switch without any cautious.

    2)When you take apart the blade ,pay attention to the position of your hand ,In addition,make your both thumbs must press both ends of the knife head to balance the force at the same time ,or it’s easy to press the damaged knife blade and even hurt themselves.

    3)Follow every steps as above ,Make both thumbs push forward gently until you hear of the click to determine the cutter head open.

    Therefore,The sharpen hair blade has taken apart naturally.

    pet hair blade.jpg

    However,After you remove the hair clipper blade ,how to maintain the electric hair clipper in detail?

    1)Every time you used up the electric hair trimmer,Wipe up the electric hair clipper with the clean cloth,As well as used with small brush to clean the blade without any dirty,Then add some lubricating oil.

    2)Preserved in the dry , aired surrounding so that can prolong the used time of the trimmer.

    3)Don’t wash with water or bring into the bathroom .Wet hair ban.

    4) If the electric supply cord is damaged,in order to avoid any risk,Must be replaced by the  hair clipper blade manufacturer or the professional to replace.