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    How to use the electric hair clipper(2)?

    Time: 2016-12-28

    The manual hair trimmer,shear hair by hand is most commonly used for household hair tied up tool,more convenient and simple .The correct position for holding the hand hair shear tool is hold the left of the knife,leave the knife handle ,Especially, the tiger buckle lies in thumb hang.

    When operate ,make your thumb doesn’t move ,The other four fingers pinch roll knife and handle movable .Drive two pieces of gear teeth to cross rolling.

    Except for the tied up hair with the professional hair shear tool ,Need corporate with the combs for hair clipper ,The combs plays role in the direction and the foil effect.

    The manual hair trimmer have the special part of the cutter tooth rolling ,is generally used for the rolling hair at the temples.What’ s more,The manual hair trimmer ,according to the knife operation direction ,with the forward rolling, skew rolling and flat rolling.

    battery hair clipper.jpg

    What’s the directions of the diversity hair shear?

    The forward rolling is the knife along the direction ,where towards the upper direction to tied up the hair .The Oblique rolling is knife moves up or down from the upper diagonal rolling, rolling with ear hair.The flat rolling is knife shaped motion level rolling, rolling with flat top of the head hair .

    To be continued..