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    How To Select A Useful GTS Electric Dog Hair Clipper?

    Time: 2016-10-31

    It's very obvious that the electric dog hair clipper is different from the human hair clipper.Generally speaking,the dog and other pets hair have characteristics of small,dense,soft and knotted.Therefore,using the electric dog hair clipper to cut hair for dogs is much more difficult than cutting hair for people with human hair clipper.

    professional pet clipper

    The way of choosing useful GTS electric dog hair clipper:

    1.Look the appearance of the GTS professional pet clipper.

    You need to check the craft of the professional pet clipper to see whether there is burrs and the connection of the upper and lower machine shell is tight.

    2.Listen to the voice of the electric dog hair clipper.

    In general,the voice of a good electric dog hair clipper is small since the motor is specially designed for pets to make your lovely dog feel comfortable.

    3.Check the teeth of the blade head of the professional pet clipper.

    As a good professional pet clipper,the teeth should be delicately designed for dogs to prevent them from getting hurt.

    4.Compare the price of the electric dog hair clipper.

    5.Investigate the after-sales service.

    A good and professional pet clipper have a long service life,to guarantee the normal use,you should choose a responsible manufacturer to provide considerate after-sales service.